Since November 2017

How it all began

Years ago before Bullethost was even a thing our CEO Teo hosted a few projects in the Netherlands on a single dedicated server for a small group of developers. Back in 2017 he saw a great opportunity in the hosting business and along with his friend and business partner Niko started the company "VIS-2 Group LTD" under which Bullethost operates today.
In late 2018 our journey in the hosting business started with a couple of rented dedicated servers for web hosting and vps nodes and in a year we were able to purchase our own nodes and colocate them in the Netherlands and Bulgaria.
Since 2019 we offer dedicated servers and even custom deals according to our customer's needs. Today we own every piece of hardware used by us due to the great interest in our services in the past few years.

What makes us unique ?

We are unique because we make friends with our customers and for us quality and friendly communication is the number one priority. Bullethost is a service provider focused on quality of service and affordability. Our company is completely transparent about the services it provides.
We always took our customer's ideas of improvement seriously and we are working hard everyday to remain reliable for you and provide excellent quality of service.
Bullethost is a company where both regular and new customers get their hosting needs fulfilled in a professional and timely manner. We strive to evolve along with our customer's needs and provide top quality of service and hardware.
Our mission at Bullethost is to stay ahead of the curve and deliver reliable and secure hosting solutions customized for every customer in terms of privacy, support and performance in mind.

Why choose us ?

Our main goal is customer satisfaction. We take the extra step to keep you happy and we are there whenever you need us, day and night.


We use premium hardware by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Dell to ensure superb performance at all times.


Once you are a customer we will help you move your content to our servers free of charge.

DDoS Protection

To ensure great uptime at all times we utilize Radware Defense Pro 720.


Datacenter Telepoint East, Sofia



Datacenter Cellnex Tower, Lelystad